Friday, February 17, 2012


I’m still on a high from writing my previous post which dealt with my yet-to-be-knit Vicuña sweater, so I thought I’d conclude the thought with a song.  Feel free to sing this out loud as I already have.  Just make sure no one is looking.  It is sung to the tune of “Maria” from the musical West Side Story.

Kudos to Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim who wrote the original song and many thanks to Mad Magazine, THE major source of comedic inspiration for any boy who grew up in the 1960’s … and I’d bet a few girls too.


Vicuña, I’ve just knit a hat of vicuña.
And suddenly I feel
That I cannot conceal my glee.
Vicuña, I’ve just knit a scarf of vicuña.
And suddenly my neck
Is saying, “What the heck!?” to me.
Vicuña, even though you are quite expensive,
I don’t mind being apprehensive.
Vicuña, I’ll never stop buying vicuña.
Vicuña, vicuña, vicuña, vicuña
Vicuña, vicuña, vicuña, vicuña, vicuña.
Vicuña, no more rayon or silk or cotton.
Other wools, they’re so misbegotten.
Vicuña, I’ll never stop buying vicuña.
The most beautiful yarn I ever knit:

I’m going to sing this to Cathy every day.  To get me to stop she’ll have to buy me the16 skeins of yarn I’ll need for my Double Extra Large Vicuña sweater.  I better start looking for a nice pattern.         


  1. oh, I LOVE this!!!
    This is crazy, can't prove I'm not a robot!!!

  2. Or a new job as she may tire!! Too funny.

  3. Fred, this is very inspirational! Not only am I going to fondle all the vicuña I can find in the yarn boutiques I frequent, but I will try my hand at fresh lyrics to other songs, perhaps a haiku, or maybe even a limerick or two in honor of other favorite (or not-so-favorite) fibers.