Sunday, April 15, 2012


So here’s the conversation I envisioned happening:

Fred – I constructed a knitting themed crossword puzzle for my blog.
Cathy – Good for you.
Fred – A prize will be awarded.
Cathy – Oh?  What kind of prize?
Fred – Not sure yet.  Some knitting related prize from the store perhaps?
Cathy – And who would pay for this knitting related prize?
Fred – I thought you could take it out of my salary.
Cathy – But I don’t pay you anything.
Fred – Then maybe it’s time you doubled my salary.

But I was pleasantly surprised to have the conversation actually go like this:

Fred – I constructed a knitting themed crossword puzzle for my blog.
Cathy – Great.  As a Grand Prize I could give away one of these new needles I just started carrying..

That’s the thing about yarn store owners.  Even when you’re married to one, you can never really predict how they’ll react to something out of the ordinary. 

So anyway, here is my First Annual Puzzle Contest.  It might be my last.  I was not aware of how hard it is to construct a traditional daily newspaper crossword puzzle.  I could have knit a giant sweater in the time it took me to create this puzzle.  Even then, I had to cheat a little and make up two entries.  You’ll know them when you see them.  Cathy is generously donating a pair of Knitter’s Pride Cubix Needles as the Grand Prize.  If you’re not familiar with these then all I can say is that you have to see them.  They are square.  Now if that doesn’t pique your interest….  Winner gets to pick the size.  And you never know, if Cathy is in a good mood, she might give away a second place prize or even a third place prize.  And who exactly is the winner?  Well, if only one person submits the completed puzzle with all the correct answers, then obviously that person is the winner.  But if we have multiple correct entries then we’ll put all those names in a hat and pull out one lucky name for the Grand Prize and a few more names if there are other prizes to be awarded.

Just a few rules.  One entry per person.  You can submit the finished puzzle personally at the store or you can mail it in.  The contest will be open for one month.  This will allow my many fans in the Shetland Islands and in Mongolia to also participate.  We’ll be pulling the lucky name on May 17.  If you’re mailing it in, send it to:

Montoya Fiber Studio

2566 Prairie Ave.
Evanston, IL 60201

So how hard is this puzzle?  Well, I had two guinea pigs tackle the puzzle simultaneously. Cathy is an avid Crossword puzzle fan and it took her around 18 minutes to finish it.  Our daughter Beth is not a puzzle aficionado and she was close to finishing it when she finally put down her pen.  My thanks to both of them for improving some of my clues.  As I mentioned before, it is knitting themed, so I’m sure a lot of the answers will be a breeze.  If you have a problem printing it off the blog, you have two options.  You can pick up a copy at the store or Cathy can email you a copy.  The business email is    Good luck to one and all.  


1.    Scruff                                                                               
5.    Exaggerated in style                                                         
9.    Expectorated                                                                      
13.  Continent where ChiaoGoo needles are made                                                                                             
14.  Target practice necessity                                                   
15.  Sign of holiness                                                                  
16.  Critiques severely                                                            
17.  Slope                                                                                  
18.  Terrible czar                                                                                                                          
19.  Flashy sock                                                                         
21.  Product under the jurisdiction of 26 Down                        
24.  Bunch of Australian sheep                                                
26.  Film Noir, for example                                                   
28.  Solutions for boring yarn                                                
30.  Advertisement for house lacking clothing storage                       
33.  Solemn promise                                                                  
37.  Feverishly opposed to the 16th letter                                 
38.  On the _____                                                      
40.  Formal address for Baseball Preacher                               
41.  Character in the Book of Ruth                                           
42.  Vinegar’s comment after the breakup with oil
44.  Ubiquitous Smart phone software
48.  A New Yorker is either Yankeeish or _____
49.  Worm fiber compared to sheep fiber
51.  Knitted garment with buttons
55.  Haystack resident
60.  Black and white dunker
61.  Unconcerned fiddler
63.  Cambodia neighbor
64.  Cried
65.  “Giggling gaggle of geese” is loaded with them
66.  Purl’s partner
67.  Young lady from Scotland
68.  Ingredient in a gin liqueur
69.  Neither good nor bad


1.    Western Wine Valley
2.    To roast in Spain
3.    Turandot character
4.    Garter stitch level
5.    Job options
6.    _____ de casa: Lady of the house
7.    Caesar’s 3,101
8.    With mom, chauvinistic small business
9.    Used to make a part fit
10.  Cover with concrete
11.  Winged
12.  Quality of sound
20.  Very fast letters in the Alphabet song
22.  Unusual yarn source
23.  Apt. alternative
25.  Irish dance
26.  Possible Stock Exchange symbol for the Goat & Camel Textile Association
27.  Miss Doolittle
29.  Separates yarn by color
30.  Catch a criminal
31.  Mrs. Lennon
32.  Mai ____
34.  Showy in a pretentious manner
35.  Essential part of a hand knit sock
36.  Feminine possessive
39.  Kubrick film plus a thousand
40.  Type of saw
43.  This insect would need one if it didn’t have antennae
45.  Greek letter
46.  Sty inhabitant
47.  Informal languages
50.  Genuflect
51.  Type of neck
52.  Length x width
53. Yarn salespeople
54.  Design element rarely seen in knitwear
56.  Fraternal organization
57.  Actor Royal _______
58.  Superman’s gal
59.  “This” in Spanish
62.  _____ Speedwagon

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